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Shanghai unsecured loans, corporate loans, mortgage and loan products Advisory
: 22 years of age with ID card and a bank card can apply for small loans.
II: credit card loan: Bank credit good, by credit card can loan, to card do card lines can improve 5-10 times, also can do high credit card, 10,000 to 50,000 no mortgage, no guarantees loan, procedures simple, threshold low, interest low, 1-3 days lending
1: working family loan (months income 2500 Yuan above can application)
2, SMEs loan (commercial rent by contract full 1 years can application)
3, name has property, cars (without any mortgage , Complete documents) for above business upfront without any fee.
c; 10.5 million (required property or car)
four: real estate mortgage can do for 70%. Collateral in addition to 20.5 million, providing real estate and cars to handle the high credit card 10.5 million
five: mortgage credit is not in the list of prices to 60%
VI: private lending rates 1.5, charges 4 points, lenders of the day.
: the construction Bank renovation loan

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